Klas X English

Part : I. Answer The Questions below.
1. ‘’Good evening’’ is the greeting expression between sunset to night

2. Yesterday was Saturday. My teacher asked us to submit our assignment five days after it. It will be on Thursday

3. Luna : Miss. Laila’s job is helping the doctor in taking care patients.
Maya : what does she do?
Luna : She’s Nurse
4. Don’t come late anymore. I will wait for you at 6.30 tomorrow.
5. Yudy : Did you hear that there was Robbery at the Robin’s house?
Hedy : How horrible! How did you know?
Yudy : Well, when they came back from their vacation. Nearly all their furniture
Had been stolen.
Hedy : Oh, no! poor them!

Part : II. Reading
a. Read the letter and answer the question number 6-12
Zborovska 23,15000 Praha 5 Czech Republic
Tel: (02) 513.2343 Fax: (02) 513. 2334

December 3, 2007
Post comptoir
43 Griffith Road
Dinsdale, Hamilton

North Island, New Zealand
Dear Sir or Madam :
We are interested in becoming distributors for your software products in the Czech Republic.
Would you please send us your latest catalogs, descriptive brochures and terms?
We are a hardware company that would like to add software to our sales offerings. Our annual report is enclosed.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Faithfully yours,

Peter Donovan

6. What’s the text about ? distributor of software product in the Czech Republic
7. What does NEWTECH want to do ? send us your latest catalogs, descriptive brochures and terms
8. Where’s Peter Donovan work’s Address?
9. What kind Peter Donovan company ? about software product (computer software product)
10. Who is Peter Donovan ? technical computer
11. when Peter Donovan make this letter (the date of letter)? December 3, 2007
12. In what countries this letter sent ? New Zealand

b. Read the questions number 13-18 following the memorandum.

To : J. Wilson
Engineering Department
From : Marcello Palombo
Date : October 23, 2007
Sub. : Elena Kuzikov, Ukrainian Engineer
Dr. Elena Kuzikov will be visiting our company on Monday, December 3rd. I would like you to prepare a program for her. She will arrive in the morning before noon. Please start with lunch in the cafeteria and then show her your department. Like you, she has done research on the effects of earthquakes on bridge construction.
13. What J. Wilson and Dr. Elena Kuzikov job’s ?
14. What kind of engineering is Dr. Elena Kuzikov ?
15. When did Dr. Elena came (The date of Dr. Elena arriving) ?
16. What’s the text about?
17. where’s the meeting took place ?
18. What’s Marcello Palombo want?

c. Read the report and answer the question number 19-
New Report on Today’s Teenagers
From a survey of 4.000
14-year-old boys and girls
In several metropolitan cities

30% of 14-year-olds go o the cinema, a disco or a concert every week. And 40% spend their free time in the street but their favorite place is the shopping center. 91% of girls and 78% of boys go there once a week!
Reading is popular. Young people often read books, newspapers of magazine. Computer games are popular with boys. 71% of boys play them, but only 14% of girls play computer games. They are often about sport, but teenagers hardly ever do real sport.
The report shows that young people watch about twenty hours of television a week. ‘’I always watch TV in the evening,’’ says Jullie from Solihull. “I never do sport.”
“I sometimes play basketball with my friends after school, but I usually do my homework,” says Brian from Dundley. “I never go to sports center.” Young people don’t think sports centers are ‘cool’ places. They want different activities – dancing or skating – but sports centers don’t often offer these.
19. What is the favorite place for 14-year-olds?
20. What do they read?
21. What are popular topics for computer games?
22. What does Julie do in the evening?
23. What sport does Brian Play?
24. What new activities do young people want?
25. What’s the text about ?
26. What did Brian from Dundley do after school?

d. Read the conversation , and answers the question number 27-30

27. When does the conversation take place ?
28. How many people are there in conversation ? who are they ?
29. Who will have a birthday party ?
30. Where will it be (The Places)?


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