Kelas XI English

Part 1 : Answer the question.

1.         Aries                  : I want to book a single room.

Receiptionist      : How long will you stay here, sir?

Aries                  : About a couple of days.

  • How long will Aries stay in the hotel?


2.         Bertha            : What does your father do?

Sari                  : He rescues people from burning building and helps put out fires.

  • What is Sari’ s father’s job?


3.         Vincent      : I’m Vincent from Healthy Insurance. May I speak to Mr. Tanaka?

Secretary  : I’m sorry. He is in a meeting at the moment. Will you leave a message?

Vincent      : Yes, please. Tell him I’ll meet him at 2 o’clock this afternoon.

  • What is the message for Mr. Tanaka?

4.         Samantha       : Do you mind helping me to write using excel program.

Andrea            : It’s not difficult. Just open the excel and you can write what you want,    follow the instruction.

  • What’s Andrea’s job?

5.         Anton               : Good morning how are you today?

Alpen               : I’m fine. How about you?

Anton               : I’m ok.I would you to come to my party this evening

Alpen               : ohh….,it’s good and when its start?

Anton               : start from 17.00 until 18.00 o’clok. Be there

Alpen               : ok I’ll be there.

  • When the party begin ?






Part II : Reading

” Welcome ladies and gentlemen.

My name is Linda Layman, and it’s a great privilege for me to welcome our keynote speaker this evening, Samuel Jamison.

Mr. Jamison  is CEO of Beta Soft Corporation, and is regarded as the country’s Most Creative Entrepreneur by the American Business League.  Last year, he was named “CEO of the Decade” by Business News Magazine, the first CEO that Business News has ever honored from our state. You all know that. What you might not know is that Mr. Jamison founded two businesses and now starting his third company – and most successful – venture was actually his wife’s idea

Ladies and gentlemen, join me in giving a big hand to our keynote speaker, Mr. Samuel Jamison.”


6. What is the purpose of the speech? (What is the text about?)

7. Who is Mr. Jamison ?

8. What’s CEO ?

9. Who is Mr. Samuel Jamison?

10. Who is Linda Layman?

11. What’s Linda Layman’s Job?

12. What is Mr. Jamison’s Job?











Great Business Rates to Europe

  • Minimum two-day stay required.
  • All flight should be booked 2 weeks before.
  • Non-refundable, no changes.
  • Call for other cities.




One way          Round trip                   Round Trip

London                   $320                  ___

Paris                       $340                  ___

Frankfurt                 ___                  $600

Rome                      ___                  $640

Athens                   $390                   __







(No Saturday overnight stay required).

Offer good only on flights before May 31


13. What the information about?

14. When can you buy the ticket?

15. what cost for London Round trip one way?

16. can you tell the cost One way to Franfurt Roundtrip?

17. Can you tell the schedule on Saturday?






Name                          : Anindya Bulan Kabita

Place/Date of Birth     : Jakarta, February 29, 1980

Address                       : 110 Cipinang Indah Street, Jakarta

Gender                        : Female

Religion                       : Islam

Marital Status              : Single

Nationality                   : Indonesian

Education                    : Jakarta School of Business Administration 2003

Previous Experience

1. Position                   : Secretary

Company                 : PT. Adijaya Makmur

From                        : 2003-2007

Duties                       : Answering and making Appointment, filling, doing clerical

works, arrange meetings.

2. Position                   : Secretary

Company                : Export Import

From                       : 2007 – 2010

Duties                       : Coordinate works, reports,  filling, doing clerical works,

arrange meetings.




18. What did Anindya want to do ?

19. Can you tell the first work experience of Anindya?

20. In the first experience, what duties Anindya have?

21. Can you tell Anindya’s position and duties in second experience?






Tentang Hariyadi

Walaupun bagaimana kecilnya cinta seseorang kepada Allah, maka yang demikian itu lebih aku senangi daripada beribadah tujuh puluh tahun
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